Long or short, the tour can go wrong without the top rated luggage sets

Planning for a sweet vacation or business travel, one inevitable situation you face is having hard-time choosing your luggage. Often, you waste time thinking and rethinking about the carrier of your clothes and paraphernalia. Whatever trip you are planning for, picking one of the top rated luggage sets is a must, less you want to lose your mind over the luggage later on the trip. Now, you want to know some of the things to look for before making the choice.

Material and size

First, you have to decide how many luggage you want in your set. Usually coming with three-piece set, four to seven pieces are also available. However, three piece sets are more favorable, since, the last thing you want is to get stuck with lots of baggage. Several materials, such as polycarbonate, aluminum, Ballistic nylon, Polyester, Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) etc. are used in luggage depending on the soft or hard attribute. Hardside luggage sets are preferable for durability and security reasons, on the contrary, soft ones give you flexibility in movement and comfort in usage.


Weight is the other criteria. Avoid using heavy luggage when the top-rated luggage set brands bring you lightest possible one without compromising other qualities and criteria. The best weight ranges from 5 to 10 lbs each average size luggage in the sets. The weight may vary, though, it should not cross 50 lbs for a luggage set, unless you are bringing your whole house to the tour.


It’s up to you exactly how much space does you need and how much packing is needed. However, when you are choosing one of the top-rated luggage set, you need not to worry about capacity. Those, by production,come with ergonomic structure, most of the times, tonullify your tension about storage. Not sure though! Then chose an expandable luggage set that will decide for you, how much capacity to fill. Additionally, the rigid ones would work well on journeys where you climb mountains or move on the hard surface.


Different luggage sets come with different convenient structure. For example, there are 4 and 2 wheeler in common. 4 wheelers are useful if you are carrying a large size luggage set and need to stack on top of another. Nevertheless, a 2 wheeler set is more flexible and quick to move and handle. The zipper, inner lining, and partition of pockets and locks should also be flexible so that you may have to be a Hercules to use your bag.

Durability and warranty

The warranty may not sound serious, but, most of the top-rated luggage set brands offer about 10 years of warranty. Therefore, you may relax and stop worrying about durability.


A better quality product scarcely comes cheap. You may not compromise the quality over the price, although, you may not need a $1000 luggage set for tours that you hardly take.

Top picks

Some of the top rated luggage sets are made out of poly carbonate material with a special zipper closure and TSA-approved lock. Available for low to mid range price,top-rated luggage sets in the market provide longer durability and a variety of design choices. These sets have spinner wheels, affordable price, hard ABS material finishing etc. Also, there are products with ergonomic aluminum-telescoping handles, multi-directional spinner wheels and hard-shells.Top rated luggage sets can optimize your packing, dragging and chucking at the same time. Do the right thing before your trip and make the right choice of picking luggage sets. Be knowledgeable in your judgment, and you won’t be nagging about your luggage sets in the next trip you take.

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